How Communication Is Important Key Tool For The Development And Maintenance Of Long Term Relations With People

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Communication is an important key tool to aid the development and maintenance of long-term relations with people. Communication can be thoughts, ideas, and emotions. Sometimes we use media to communicate a message. Media are the channels that we use to communicate. For example, television, internet, radio, mobile phones, Facebook, snapchat, or twitter (Rapoport, 1982). Giving someone a bouquet of flowers is communicated a certain message. Blushing because you’ve just received flowers and a compliment is another form of communication. As social animals we communicate day in day out with spoken words, non-verbal gestures, signs, and symbols (Wobbrock, J. O., Wilson, A. D., & Li, Y., 2007). Nonverbal communication is all the behaviors and elements of people, others than words that convey meaning. You 're trying to tell others what we are thinking, feeling or planning by body movement. You do not have to speak the same language to play sports especially basketball. There are different ways to communicate that’s why you can play basketball anywhere in world. What if an individual is from another country and do not speak the same language, can you still play the game with other people? Yes you can, there are some foreign NBA players who don’t speak English who get drafted in the NBA and there are college players after their four years are up go play overseas in other countries. Through studying symbol, gestures, eye contact, and facial expressions this research paper will be able…

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