How Communication Breaks Down Between Different Ages Essay

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Different generations “see, interpret, and evaluate events differently, and consequently act upon them differently (Adler, 2008, p.72) When communication breaks down between different ages the workplace can turn into an unpleasant and tension filled environment. When there is a lack of communication it is more likely that assumptions will be made. Assumptions can lead to misunderstandings which can lead to negative effects within an organization.
Change is a difficult process for any person in many different types of situations. The work environment can become repetitive and familiar which can be difficult to deal with. Workers who are more seasoned may be resistant or hesitant to any changes made within the work environment. Many times, older workers are stereotyped that they are “stuck in their ways” and are not willing to change. They may be afraid to change what they have always been doing which is another disadvantage to the growth of an organization. As previously stated there are challenges when dealing with each generation’s specific characteristics. These distinct characteristics can cause any of the numerous issues that cause disadvantages in the workplace. They can cause challenges with motivating, leading, organizational culture, cohesiveness, communication, and relationships. Baby Boomers are driven workaholics, Generation X are balanced and seek to work smarter, while millennials are very ambitious with a lot of tenacity. If these different characteristics…

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