How Changing My Diet Made Me Happier Essay examples

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How Changing My Diet Made Me Happier
I never realized the connection between the foods we eat and our moods, until I made changes in my diet and felt the results myself.
History of a Poor Diet
When I was 20, I moved away from home for the first time. I was a college student with very little money. Paying the rent was a challenge, so buying fresh ingredients or food for home-cooked meals didn 't seem possible. Besides, I didn 't know how to cook.
I was not interested in cooking. Cooking at that time involved adding hot water to noodles. Pepsi was my choice beverage. My daily breakfast was two cold pop tarts and a glass of Pepsi. Now it was time for my German class. About half way through the class I would go from feeling energized to feeling terrible. Where did my energy go? I had two more classes before lunch. It was very rare that I made an appearance to all three classes. It was too hard to concentrate, I would usually be too hungry to think about anything but food.
Lunch would consist of ramen noodles and more Pepsi. Of course, there was always room for desert. There were always brownies or cookies around. Dinner was usually pulled from a vending machine from work and downed with yet another can of sugary fizzy drink.
I felt terrible every day. My grades were slipping because I skipped classes on test days. Sometimes I would be irritable at work. I didn 't want to help the customers, which was a problem because I worked in customer service. Very often I would skip my…

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