How Change Can Affect Your Life Essay

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You’re going to meet an abundance of different people in your life. These people may only be temporary, and some can end up being a part of your life until the end, but let’s face it, nobody sticks around through thick and thin. The feeling of being abandoned by those who should have never left you is an everyday apathy for me. You should not go through life wondering what you did wrong, what you could have changed or what could have happened if the situation was different. If you grow up believing something it is hard to train your mind to believe in the exact opposite and start to have a whole new outlook on your life. Change can affect a person in many ways, shapes and forms, change can affect your life for better or for worse. Going through life with a feeling as if I have a missing puzzle piece has caused a thought to develop in my head that there could be something or even someone I am missing in my life growing up. I grew up with my mother and father as an only child until I turned three and that is when I was blessed with a baby sister. I do not remember a lot of my childhood for the reason that I blacked most of it out, I did not get along well with my father and my mom worked nights at the casino as a blackjack dealer. When I would spend my days at school or weekends across the street at my closest friends home.
I grew up having to fend for myself and even learned to tie my own shoes from a handout my preschool gave to us. My parents would constantly fight and…

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