How Cell Phones Changed The World Essay

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Cell phones rapidly grew in popularity and soon the whole world was connected through the use of these cellular devices. As stated in the American Decades’ “Mobile Telephones”, “At the turn of the century a Wired poll showed that the mobile phone was the most important technological development of the era, with a majority of respondents indicating that a mobile phone was the technology that they used most in their daily lives, more than a computer, e-mail, or the Internet” (1). While this piece of technology was revolutionary in increasing the ways in which people could communicate with each other, some people believed that it hindered social interaction. This idea is exemplified through Guy Klemens’ words in his book, The Cellphone: The History and Technology of the Gadget that Changed the World, “An irony of cellphones is that they allow people to contact others more readily, but also to withdraw from personal contact. Using cell phones while walking, waiting, and even while interacting with others is commonplace, although most of these conversations are probably unimportant” (165).
The cell phones ‘successful journey truly makes it one of the greatest technological advances of the twentieth century. Its growth and impact on the world was an extremely significant one; it is one that can still be seen today. As said by Guy Klemens, “On an individual level, the cell phone has reached universal acceptance. People throughout the world carry them, use them, and sometimes wonder…

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