How Do Cell Phones Affect People's Life

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Does cell phone make people 's lives bring lots of harmful effects? Cell phone become more and more important in the modern city, people are living in the world which surrounded by technology. Whether people working or resting, people are always using the cell phone, it makes people’s communication rapid, the action fast and interaction closer than any other times. However, cell phone not only bring lots of positive impact on human’s life but also bring some negative effects. The representative of technology is the cell phone, cell phone’s radiation which hurts people’s body. We should spend more time to reduce the disadvantages of cell phone because cell phone bring lots of harmful effects. The cell phones were invented to enable …show more content…
More news and data shows that cell phones will bring lots of negative effects, and we should spend more time on the number one social issue in the country. It would tend to be the good result if people spend more time to reduce mobile phone issues. It is true that people can self-discipline themselves to use cell phones, but most of them are young people and child. Some people are indulging in smartphones which already have the side-effect on their normal life. It is difficult for young people to self-discipline, because they still need someone to lead them and teenager lack of good self-control, they are fragile to the smartphone addiction. In the end, people still need to find another way to reduce the negative effect of cell-phones. Cell phones have become number one issue in our society. Although cell phones allowed us to have a convenient life, it has made our lives more chaotic according to the reasons mentioned above. It is clearly to see that cell phone make our life be complicated, spending too much time on smartphones leads to having less communication with families and friends. Therefore, people to avoid the harmful effect by cell phones. The suggestion is rationalizing the time spent on smartphones, people still can handle those problems to make our life easier and no more complicated

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