Cell Phone Revolution Essay

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Revolution of the Cell Phone and Advancement of Technology by John Pangan
MGT100 - Professor Ebert - Fall 2014
Golden Gate University Abstract
This paper will give your more information about how the cell phone started as just a phone but now it more than just a phone. In this generation you see kids in grade school all the way through senior citizen using smart phones. I hate to call it a phone because these little touchscreen devices that most of us carry inside our pockets right now are our tool. It is something that we must not leave the house without. Our smartphone is the first thing we look at when we wake up and the last thing we look at when we go to sleep. So in this report is intended to give you insight on the world of smartphone
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Earlier in this decade, parents weren 't even thinking about getting their kid a cell phone. Now in this generation, the cell phone has enabled parents to communicate via text, email, or video calls. Kids and teens from age 7 - 15 are getting smartphones. When I was kid my parents never got me a cell phone let alone a smartphone, they always gave me money to use at a pay phone. It is important to understand that it is now a different generation and more and more kids have access to the internet on their phones because parents give it them. The cell phone access given to kids by the parents give parents ability to monitor kids and check up on them and for emergency. Ultimately, parents want the piece of mind that their love one is safe and sound. I understand that child that is in danger or has an emergency does not look for a pay phone, instead a cell phone will serve as their emergency tool. With the decrease usage of pay phones and LaNdline, it changed how we communicated with one another. Incase of extreme weather such as thunder, snow, or rain-storm which the lights generally go out. Making the cell phone call during an emergency, or if your house loses power it can make any homeowner and family vulnerable to disaster. The advancement of communication has enable families to be more connected with one …show more content…
It seems the advancement of communication technology seems too good to be true but in fact the disadvantage is just as equal if not greater. For an example, a survey showed “more than 65% of parents responding believed that cheating happens through cell phone at their kids school," ironically, “only 3% believe their own child is using a phone to cheat” (Miners). Most school districts around the state have attempted to remove the cell phone from school altogether because of cheaters, but looking at the percentage of student with cell phones wouldn’t be useful. A cell phone used as a tool to help students access information and interact with other people has been abused. More disturbingly, “Nearly 1 in 4 students thinks that accessing notes on a cell phone, asking friends to text you answers, or using a device to search the Web for answers during an exam isn 't cheating” (Miners). Students assume that since the resource is available, then it should be taken advantage of. Now since student are abusing technology resulting them to cheat will get cell phones banned from most k-12

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