Essay How Cell Phones Changed Society Today

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How Cell Phones Changed Society Today Ever since the first call people have been wanting to buy cell phones. It would take 2 decades for phones to overtake landlines worldwide. (Steward) The first phone was sold for almost $4,000 when people found out about it. The phone Cooper used was the worlds first commercial phone.Everybody should thank him for coming up with this brilliant idea for people to use. This is how cell phones have changed society today. Cell phones have changed the way we talk since they have came out. This is important because it changes the way we talk. Some people may think phones hasn 't changed society. This research paper is going to show you how cell phones have changed society. I hope you will believe just like I do. Social media is a big part of this change. You can talk to people wherever they are. They have apps where you can send pictures and video chat to people. Internet is also a big part of the change. You are able to look things up with a touch of a finger. The truth is that people use Internet and social media every single day. In conclusion to this paragraph these facts should prove that cell phones have changed society. Now you are able to talk to someone where ever you or that person is at. You can talk to family if you are gone away on vacation. Also if you want to schedule a family vacation, you can
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3-way call instead of making multiple calls. There is a lot of apps that lets you video chat with many people. For…

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