How Can You Make Money Online? Essay

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How to Make Money Online

I can transform five dollars into thirty almost instantly. Buying and reselling items for profit, also known as picking, is a quick and easy way to earn some cash. I could find almost anything on Craigslist, Offer Up, or eBay usually with a reduced price, most at least 40% off. Believe it or not, there is somewhere else you can get an even better deal. Flea markets and garage sales are undoubtedly a favorite of mine. This is where I go to buy goodies for cheap and resell them online for profit. I won’t be the only one selling shoes online, but most of my competition didn 't get their Sperry Topsiders practically for free. By twelve o’clock, heat tempts the vendors to cut their prices and try to clear their booths as quick as possible. This is a good time for me to sneak between the crowds and pursue the best deals. It was hard to miss a sparkling pair of brand new Sperry Topsiders literally glaring me in the eye. The vendor already had great prices. She was only asking ten dollars for them. I made sure to keep in mind that Topsiders usually sell for about sixty dollars at a retail store. Not taking advantage of this awesome deal could’ve been a mistake in my case. The cheaper I can find a valuable product, the more profit there is to be made. Not only was I lucky enough to find these shoes for sale, but I also had the nerve to negotiate her price down to five dollars. That was easy though considering the time of day. The sun was working on my…

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