How Can You Create Self Esteem? Essay

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How to create self-esteem

Step 1

Give up on pursuing perfection because it simply doesn’t exist. We might see some people as being perfect, but the more we know them, the less perfect they will seem.

If we keep focusing on how we should behave, who we should be, we cannot find out who we truly are. Our true self, our talents and drives are just below the surface of all these ‘should-s’ and ‘shouldn’t-s’.
We often tend to believe that if we only get better, then we can achieve success. It’s a dead end because perfection does not exist - and we can only make our self esteem worse by pursuing this path.
To change this sick tendency, we need to appreciate and accept the way we are. We have to stop constantly rejecting and trying to improve ourselves.

Step 2

Admit to yourself that it is okay to make mistakes and to experience failures. Our life is constantly changing, it’s cyclical just like nature. Good and bad moments are part of this cycle. And so our failures, difficult moments and conflicts.
The quicker we realise that no matter what we do or how much we ‘improve’ ourselves, the closer we will be to freeing ourselves from guilt and self-blame. And the closer we will get to our source of strength and determination that have been consumed by running away from our faults and failures. To admit our faults takes true courage - to smile at our clumsy, vulnerable self does not only free ourselves from the trap of guilt, but also transforms every failure into precious…

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