Essay on How Can You Change Your Sound?

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One ongoing struggle for guitarists is finding what they perceive as the ultimate guitar tone. I personally have yet to meet someone that is fully satisfied with their sound. Even if you have some of the best equipment money can buy, trying to dial in that perfect tone can be one of the most frustrating experiences a guitarist can run in to. So let 's take a look at several ways we can change our sound without forking out tons of money for that new axe or amplifier that we think we need to get that special tone. The first and one of the cheapest, easiest ways to change your sound is to try out different guitar picks. They come in all shapes and sizes. The thinner the pick is the brighter your tone will be, and the opposite would be the thicker your pick is the warmer it sounds. Honestly, I prefer a pick with a medium style gauge to get a full sound out of my guitar, but everyone is different and choose to you 're liking. Also be sure to check that the pick you are testing out is well made. Nothing irritates me more than a pick that cracks and breaks on you. Next in our list is the guitar strings. Just like in our experiment with the picks, the strings also fallow a same type of rule. A guitar with a set of light gauge strings will sound a little on the brighter side, and a guitar with a heavy gauge set of strings will have a warm, roomier sound to it. There are so many manufacturers for strings so its up to you to experiment and choose. If nothing has helped you out so…

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