How Can Make The Average Soccer Player Better Than Average? Essay

718 Words Jun 5th, 2015 3 Pages
What our “Pitch” is about is how we can make the average soccer player better than average. We are going to do this by improving the ability of a soccer player by increasing speed, giving them dead point accuracy, intensifying their power and making their ball control that of an angel of soccer. The way this is possible is due to the fact that we were finally able to harness the power of the soccer god and circulating his power through each one of the soles and with a little help from Dr. Rickey we were able to create the ultimate soccer tool, the ultimate soccer weapon, the ultimate soccer sole. of death
The ultimate soccer sole comes in all shapes and sizes from black to white you could even customize it to have its own pattern and own colors. The people that this product would benefit would be those who want to become a master like the god or goddess of soccer. Its design also contours to the shape of your feet and grows a custom to its shape. The origin of the U.S.S. is quite the intriguing story: a few years ago historians and archaeologists worked together to discover the source of a sort of radiating power which enhanced soccer performance of anyone near the general area. After digging for 38 days they found a stone tablet which looked to be some sort of soccer sole built to enhance performance, after many years of studies and attempts on harnessing the soccer god’s power the A.F.A. (Aaron, Fabian, Andrew) was able to redesign the soccer sole and fuse it with the…

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