How Can Google Improve The Lives Of Its Stakeholders? Essay

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1. Using the concepts presented in Chapter 4 as well as information you have read in the Google and Apple Inc. cases, please answer the following questions: How can Google use its power to improve the lives of its stakeholders? When Sergey Brin and Larry Page and with the developed by Jennifer Sawayda and Michelle Urban under the direction of O.C. Ferrell and Linda Ferrell would have never imagine a company that they started in 1996 would have grown by such Leaps and Bounds as it has today. In 2006 Google acquired the video sharing site YouTube for $1.65 billion. Google have over 425 million active users, and the company wealth was grown from time starting until now. Making Google a force to be reckon with.Trust is the glue that holds businesses and their stakeholders together. Trust creates confidence and helps to forge relationships of reliance between businesses and stakeholders. Trust also allows businesses to depend upon one another as they make transactions or exchange value. Ethics create the foundational trust between two parties in a transaction. Many people must trust and be trusted to make business work properly. Sometimes these parties are referred to as gatekeepers.
2. Is there any way Google can respect privacy and yet still maintain its profitability? (Give at least two examples.) For the sake of brevity, this case will analyze one major ethical issue Google has continually wrestled with as it seeks to expand its reach: privacy. The advent of the…

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