How Behaviors Have A Great Influence On The Quality And Duration Of Sleep

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Prebedtime behaviors have a great influence on the quality and duration of sleep. “Within the hour before bed, frequent video gaming, computer use, listening to Mp3, and use of mobile phones are associated with later self-reported BT on both school and weekend nights.”() The use of technology before bedtime can activate the mind and result in the flooding of thoughts. Also, the light from screens on technology can suppress melatonin resulting in difficulty falling asleep. However, replacing technology-related behaviors with behaviors such as reading can assist with greater sleep duration. Also, behaviors such as spending time with family and friends before bedtime can also result in greater sleep duration because it discourages technology use. A study was conducted using The Prebedtime Behavior Questionnaire. “The Prebedtime Behavior Questionnaire (PBBQ) is a self-report inventory that assesses frequencies of 25 evening behaviors adolescents commonly engaged in.”() “A total of 146 participants (47.3% male) were recruited (65.1% Caucasian, 26.7% Asian). A small proportion of participants self-reported a depressive, anxiety, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (6.16%) or sleep conditions such as insomnia and bruxism (11.64%).”() The study compared both technology and nontechnology prebedtime behaviors of adolescents over school and vacation. The results of the study presented that video games were associated with a later bedtime and shorter sleep duration. The time…

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