How Attitude Has A Impact On A Person 's Life Essay

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Attitude has a huge impact on a persons ' life. Attitude is the way a person evaluates things and typically it 's either in a positive or negative matter. The more of an optimistic and positive view a person has on life can make thier life a whole lot easier. "Research has shown that optimism is correlated with many positive life outcomes including increased life expectancy, general health, better mental health, increased success in sports and work, greater recovery rates from heart operations and better coping strategies when faced with adversity." (Fiona Parashar) There are so many great affects that a positive mindset can have on somebody but do optimist really have a better life than people with a more pessimist outlook? Since a young age, we are taught to be positive in tough situations. "It 'll get better" and "It could be worse" are phrases that every person will hear at least once in their lifetime. Even if the situation is as worse as it can get, there 0is always that voice in the back of our head saying to suck it up, smile and pretend everything is okay. People typically don 't want to be surrounded by negative vibes from other people since their moods can be contagious so we learn to mask our problems and keep a positive attitude. In “Who Moved My Cheese” we have two sets of characters that have different attitudes. We have two "littlepeople", Hem and Haw, who aren 't prepared for change and two mice, Sniff and Scurry, who are prepared for change. When they…

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