How Are Social Networks Drive Black Unemployment? Essays

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The article “How are Social Networks Drive Black Unemployment” authors t state that favorite may actually drive the unemployment rates for blacks as many whites in the job market lookout for and hire other whites. Favoritism is not illegal people can refer and hire their friends and family for job openings and with employers looking for certain types of employees to feel low level jobs black find themselves left out of the loop due to labor market segmentation that heavily favors the less demanding and compliant immigrant worker
Labor market segmentation is a concentration of a people in certain job with skills and experience in the field that are not easily transferred to another job. Labor segmentation can be distinctive to ethnicity, race, immigrant status, gender as well as parental status, e.g. most nurses are female and most housekeepers and maids in hotels and hospitals are Hispanics.
Segmentation is usually premised on desirable vs undesirable jobs. Labor market segmentation drives the unemployment of blacks as generally black don’t find themselves part of the networks that do the hiring as those networks are still predominantly white, and with whites hiring other whites for the most desirable jobs, many blacks find themselves left out when it comes to hiring based on word of mouth or favoritism.
In contrast in the book “How The Other half works “the author asserts when it comes to service and low wage jobs, instead of looking for skilled workers many employers for…

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