How Are Architecture Design Architecture? Essay

1600 Words Dec 18th, 2016 7 Pages
Joints is a key for tectonic, tectonic is a key for construction. The idea of architecture design in this exhibition will be different. Comparing to typical design strategies, which means analysis programs need or volume operation, this exhibition starting from smallest component, joint, to face the architectural discourse. How to apply or face the joints of architecture will show the difference attitude we face to our spacial design.

Tectonic is a way to connect components, is a kind of relationship to bind the detail together and show the whole. Tectonic was hard to show irrational way to construct architecture before industrialize, more irrational tectonic applied in relatively small scale, like toy or art pice. Architecturally, Dougong in Asia is a super rational tectonic for support roof, the ornamentation of Dougong is separate with structural function essentially. Thin cement sticked stone brick to build a chateau also show a very rational tectonic. Even, “the trompe of Anet" showed the highly calculation in Philibert de l’Orme 's drawing for expanding the space for self support.1 Culturally, Burr puzzle is a typical example, art craftsman design this for entertainment. Three dimensions component need to be combine in specific way, only use for test people’s intelligent. However, industrialization is a turning point allow this two things met together. At beginning, Barcelona Pavilion’s detail was a powerful evidence to show that machine already can produce high…

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