How Alcohol Affects The Body Essay

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Alcohol in the United States has become a substance that most of society abuse. Problems with alcoholism mainly occurs in young adults and has causes numerous deaths throughout the U.S. Alcohol has been a substance known for making the decision of flight or fight. Psychologists have taken their time and came to conclusion that there consists of a five stage process in which one can abuse alcohol. Psychologists also figured out ways for alcoholics looking for help to stop. Alcohol is a danger to oneself and others and it should be treated very seriously.

The human brain is a precious muscle that control all of our body functions when it’s fully aware. Now what would happen to the brain if we introduced it to alcohol? Drinking alcohol affects the body in many ways. These effects can lead to physical and mental changes that can put alcohol users and others at risk of injury or death. “Alcohol can affect the brain that control movement, speech, judgment, and memory. These effects lead to the familiar signs of drunkenness: difficulty walking, slurred speech, memory lapses, and impulsive behavior. Long-term heavy drinking can shrink the frontal lobes of the brain, which impairs thinking skills” (Alcohol Use and Older Adults). Well not only is it bad for one self but it also affects other. In 2003, a total of 38,252 fatal motor vehicle traffic crashes were recorded in the United States that accounted for 42,643 fatalities. This mean that “an estimated 40 percent were alcohol…

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