How Advertising Has Changed Our Culture Essay

793 Words May 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
For years, advertising has had the sole purpose of conveying a product’s greatness, but in recent decades, advertising of products has become too abundant, along with the fact that most products are similar to each other. To combat this, advertising in recent decades have evolved from just one purpose, to many purposes for consumers. In this essay, we will discuss how advertising has evolved and how it has incorporated itself within our culture in the emotional and spiritual aspect, as well as how advertising has begun its influence in political practice. Advertising has always been about selling a product, and at a time, advertising for products were much simpler. Although these practices proved to be efficient then, advertising now has actually struggled to persuade the consumer to buy these products. To solve this issue, many advertisements begin to surround the consumer, which creates this “clutter” that soon becomes ignored. Mark Miller from NYU, mentions in the documentary how advertisers believe in breaking through the clutter with using more advertisements, but in reality, just creates more clutter for the advertisers to get through to the consumers. Naomi Klein, an author, compares the consumers as roaches and advertisements as a bug repellent that continuously spray the roaches until they build up an immunity to this repellent. From here, advertisers search beyond what they could possibly do to persuade the consumers, and they’ve achieved an answer through the…

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