How Advertisements Are Used By Advertising Essay

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Advertisements are used by many companies to show the public their product. Due to the large amount of advertisements in the world, many companies go out of the way to find new ways to catch a viewer’s attention. But occasionally, some companies don’t properly consider what the target audience would want to see. One such company is Dettol, a company that sells cleaning products. Dettol’s ad shows an image of a murder scene with the caption “when ordinary soap just won’t do.” Not only is the ad’s argument weak, but the advertisement itself doesn’t appeal strongly to ethos or pathos through its image, and most of the target audience would find the advertisement very unappealing from a moral standpoint.
The advertisment’s argument broke down from the very beginning when they suggested that their soap can be used to clean up a murder scene. The argument itself is supposed to be taken as an attempt at humor. But the attempt at humor is clearly failed because the image of the person laying in the background-- although blurred out-- is quite disturbing, and the lost of human life shouldn’t be made into a laughing matter.
Another reason this advertisement is unsuccessful is how it wrongly employs the use of ethos, pathos, and logos in the argument. This advertisement appears to show that the company, Dettol, supports violence because they suggest it as a way their soap can be used. As a result, this heavily damages the ethos part of the argument since it shows that the people…

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