How A Group Can Become A High Performance Team Essay

737 Words Jun 22nd, 2015 3 Pages
Provide a brief description of the team or group. How many members did it include? What was its purpose? Groups are defined as a collection of two or more people who work with one another regularly to achieve common goals. Groups evolve into teams when the group works actively together to achieve a common purpose for which they hold themselves collectively accountable. In turn, high-performance teams are those teams that have strong core values, have specific performance objectives, have the right mix of technical, problem-solving, decision-making, interpersonal skills, and possess creativity. This paper will explain how a group can become a high-performance team. This paper will also include the impact of demographic characteristics and culture diversities on a high-performance team.
Describe the behaviors the team or group exhibited as it went through each stage of development. Groups are important sources for performance, creativity, and enthusiasm for organization. Becoming a high-performance team not only takes a collective workforce among the members, but a good leader. Team cohesiveness is also important to the success of a high-performance team. Persons in a cohesive team value their membership and strive to maintain positive relationships with the other group members. An effective group achieves high-levels of task performance, member satisfaction, and team viability. High-performance teams start with having the members that contain skills required to succeed. In…

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