How A Business Organization At Marks And Spencer Are Responsible For The Human Resource Department

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Businesses organise themselves in different ways. However the main method used when organising a business is to group employees who have similar job roles in to a specific department, this effectively will form functional areas. Businesses will have a wide range of different functional areas including finance, marketing, Customer, sales and human resources and various others.
The Human resources department at Marks and spencer are responsible for many people related issues in an organization. Employees who work in the human resource department must be able to recruit suitable candidates for the organization whilst Identifying and meeting the training needs of existing staff they should also ensure that employee welfare and relations are positive. Marketing - Marks and Spencers has a marketing department in their head office. Employees who work within the marketing department at Marks and Spencers will ensure that their customers are informed and updated of any promotions or offers, they will do this by creating forms of documentations e.g. advertisement. The marketing department may will constantly try to tackle ways of providing customers with excellent products or services to fit their needs and requirements.
Finance - Employees that specialise in the finance department are responsible for a huge variety of things at Marks and Spencers. The finance department will strongly focus on budgets e.g profits and losses. They are also responsible for making sure every…

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