Essay on Hotels With 50 And Hotels

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They are:
 Hotels with 50 and more hotel rooms;
 Hotels with 50 and less hotel rooms;
 Resort hotels;
 Hotels which are located in the historic place;
 Hotels which are situated in the buildings of the cultural heritage;
 Aparthotels;
 Holiday Houses and pensions.
As you can see, such accommodation facilities as campings, hostels, guest houses, sanatoriums, dispensaries, summer camps in comparing with the system of 2003, for example, were not classified. But actually these hotel enterprises can get some category and have an opportunity of servicing groups which may stay there during the Football Championship.
In order to get a category, a hotel enterprise must pass through the official procedure of classification, which is hold by experts from the accredited organization. The main requirement for accredited organization is the presence of at least two independent experts, including experts from other regions, who have practical experience of at least three years of work in the field of hotel classification. Nowadays there are 49 accredited organizations that are allowed to conduct this kind of job. An owner of the hotel enterprise has a right of choice of the organization which is supposed to give the enterprise some status.
A modern state classification of the hotel enterprises in the Russian Federation involves the next order of hotel rooms: the first category rooms, the second-the fifth category rooms, Suit, Apart, Luxe, Junior, and Studio. But in reality the…

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