Pros And Cons Of Home Rentals

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Anaheim short rentals disputes

Industries around the world are thriving one way or another; if it’s

necessary to abrupt issues with local business or owners, companies will do exactly that

in order to make their business successful. Business all over the world are booming

within apartment condos and right behind someone’s own neighborhood; websites like

Airbnb, VRBO and HomeAway are introducing ways for local homeowners or real estate

to convert homes to short home rentals here in Anaheim, California. Short term home

rentals are introducing problems with local home owners, negatively affect local jobs

and increasing Transient Occupancy Tax into zones where short term rentals found as

well as neighboring institutes.

With the booming
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However, Anaheim was in the process of reviewing 182 additional permits

without knowing the cons and pros. Anaheim is a city that is being bombarded with

many investors, real estate companies and multiple home owner’s turning homes to

vocational luxury hotels. Under the current regulations, the short term rental permits can

be obtain easily because Anaheim does not have licensing structure to regulate short

term home rentals. If Anaheim rules become too arduous, the city can drive the short

term rental commercial subversive and lose out on its toll income. Homes that are being

rented in Anaheim are not restricted to a limitation the number of days a home may be

rented quarterly or per month. The reason Anaheim does not regulate its laws very

much is because it collects 15 percent room tax, which can generate up to $300,000 per

month for the city. Yes, it creates revenue, however it is causing many issues with many

local homeowners and families that live in the city of Anaheim.

According to LA Times article "Anaheim Imposes Moratorium on New Short-term

Rentals" by Hugo Martin, Anaheim city officials estimate nearly 400 homes being
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However, they fail to mention that hotel occupancies in the

resort area have been at record highs, despite the growth in STRs. The

fact is that many STR tenants would not travel to Anaheim if they could

not stay in a short-term rental, as hotel accommodations are not

ideal, cost effective, or provide necessary amenities like a full kitchen for

many of them. It is also important to note that nearly all short-term rental

owners utilize local companies and residents to clean and maintain their

homes weekly, actually resulting in a net benefit to local jobs.”

Hotel business are joining the people of Anaheim to push the city council officials

to pass a law that bans short term rentals of homes. But it is very controversial when

Hotel business do not release information of the occupancy of their hotels and making it

seem like their business is taking a plunge due to the short term rentals. Anaheim

Rental Alliance assures that it does not affect any of the hotel businesses in the

boarders near Disneyland and other resorts nearby. Orange County Register article

“Tourism is very healthy': O.C. hotels cash in on a better economy” states short term

rentals reported that total rental in Orange county in the first quarter of 2015 was

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