OYO Rooms Case Study

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1.1 Subject background of the study

With the growth of the Industries around the globe and the development of transportation there have been an increased demand for accommodation. If we look at the scenario of Bangalore there has been tremendous growth in the IT industry in the recent 10 year. Growth in industries leads to increase in demand for travel accommodation. Thus there is huge demand for accommodations in Bangalore which is also called as the silicon city of India. For this OYO Rooms has came up with varieties of strategies to tap this potential from the market. All other competitors like Make my trip, Booking.com, Trip advisor, Treebo hotels and various others online accommodation providers are competing with each others to establish
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Its main target is to provide budget hotels for their customers. Understanding customer preference is very important in todays world whether you are selling a product or offering a service. This is because customer’s satisfaction determines how successful the company will become in the future. This study is to understand the behavioral pattern of the customers while booking accommodation online. By understanding the behavioral pattern the company can be proactive and customize their services to the customers according to their behavioral pattern. This report also analyses the satisfaction of the customers of OYO Rooms as compared to its competitors. Analyzing the customers satisfaction is very important and as it helps the company to modify their services according to the feedback given by the customers. This study analyses the customers behavior and the process they use to select the accommodation while booking …show more content…
Many hotels and hospitality sectors have set an industry standards to classify their types. Most of the hotel provides luxury amenities, serviced accommodation with restaurants. Boutique hotels are smaller and independent hotel that provides all such facilities. Small hotels provides a limited amount of necessary amenities. Economy hotels are also small and medium sized hotels that provide basic accommodation facilities with little or no services. Extended stay hotels are medium sized hotels that provide long term full service facilities and accommodation compared to other hotels which are also called as service apartments.

Destination clubs are a type of property ownership, which are given as accommodation for seasonal usage. A motel is a small low rise lodging with direct access to individual room from the car parking. Boutique hotels do have a unique environment and intimate setting. Some hotels have been built specifically as a destination itself such as casinos and holiday resorts.

Most hotels contain a general manager who is often referred to as hotel manager, department heads, administrative staffs, line supervisors, cleaners, and chefs. The organizational chart varies by hotel size, function and is mostly determined by ownership of the hotel and the managing companies.

1.3.2 Tourism and

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