Hot Cafe Latte Analysis

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I still can’t believe this is happening, Nancy exclaimed. Employees are doing their very best to meet up their sales target, Nancy sputtered. Nancy in disbelief hastily poured through the documents Tanya Williams, Human Resources (HR) VP gave to her read.
Both Tanya and Nancy sat in a corner of the see through coffee shop “Hot Café Latte” in Yaounde, Capital city of Cameroon sipping their favourite brand of coffee ‘cappuccino’ as they pondered on how to influence management’s decision with respect to shutting down it branches in Africa. These branches are popularly known for their beehives of activities that attract foreigners into their shop twenty hours, seven days a week.
Nancy Bakers, HR – Executive Director at Hot Café Latte, manages the fifteen branches of Hot Café Latte located in Cameroun, Nigeria, Niger, Ghana, Mali and Cape Verde. Hot Café Latte within these regions has about two thousand employees including contract staff, and Tanya Williams is Nancy’s boss.
Founded in 1980 by Sir Henry Alfred and opened to the public in the falls of 1981 in his garage at
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Every staff is expected to be corporately dressed at all times except customer facing personnel, who are expected to be in white short sleeves top and white pants. Employees operated on a first name basis up to management level, teamwork, creativity and innovation was always welcome. in order to ensure orderliness, employees were encouraged to forward new ideas at all times to HR. Ideas can be forwarded via mail through line managers or phone call directly to HR. The workforce at Hot Café Latte was happy due to the overall organization’s strategy of involving them in the decision-making process and strategy development. Employees knew they could trust management to implement their suggestions and

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