Hospitality Industry : Hotels And Restaurants Essay

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The definition of Hospitality not generally refers to hotels and restaurant. As indicated by Hospitality Guild (2015), the hospitality industry is comprised of a great many exciting organizations in which service required including hotels, restaurants, food service management, fast food, coffee shops, pubs, bars and even nightclubs. The hospitality itself is an exceptionally wide industry that can consolidate a wide range of organizations; there are some defining elements that set it apart from similar business. Not only do these companies focus on service and luxury, however they likewise rely on upon discretionary income and giving customers what they want. The broad-reaching hospitality industry guarantees that every customer is happy because brand loyalty is essential.
Most of the people believe that hotels alone belong to the hospitality industry; however, hotels are stand out part of the industry. There are numerous types of transportation that cater to travelers are likewise part of this business world. For example, this niche incorporates airlines, cruise ships, and fancy train. Restaurant, general tourism, and event planning additionally belong to this niche. Some of these listed businesses partially belong to the hospitality industry. For example, a fast food restaurant would be viewed as convenient however; a restaurant that provides fancy food with astonishing service would be providing a hospitality service. Best Hospitality Degrees. (2015)
Furthermore, one of…

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