Technology In Hotel Industry Essay

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The hotels industry is not usually considered to be a high-tech industry. This is because the term “hotel” brings to us the definition such as warm beds, restaurants and accommodation which not really associated with the technology. However ,in a sector as competitive as hospitality, the latest technological applications need to be considered in order to attract the different type of business and leisure customers that lead to the success and failure in hotels.
There have the competition in business industry especially in hotels industry that encourage hotel businesses to put more effort and work hard in order to maintain their competitiveness. The success of a hotels business depends on its capabilities to updated
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The effective technology that important in daily operation in hotels industry.. Based from analysed from different journal, there have several technology that is relevant that been applied in hotel industry. i) E- Commerce
The fist technology is E-commerce. It is a business method that uses electronic components in order for business transaction such as in hotels industry. It is a process of buying ,selling ,transferring such as for a booking room deposit transaction through internet and computers. Hotel industries are one of those which are fully applied from the E-commerce. The customers make a booking for a room hotel through e-commerce instead going out to pay for the fee. This service may fulfil what the customer wants more easily at any time. This is because the customer can access the information 24-hour as long as they have the internet connection. The hotel also can update their latest news or promotion to the website and the customer will get the latest
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. This is because the customers have variety of choice to make before they choose which hotel they want to stay. All the information that need by the customer usually provided at the hotel’s website. From the information the customer can get price, service, location, accommodation and many more that could be used to make the comparison between the hotels and make the best choice.

Type of e-commerce
They are four concept that have in e-commerce first is Business to Business - (B2B), second Business to Consumer - (B2C), third Consumer to Consumer - (C2C), and lastly is Consumer to Business (C2B). Now day e commerce is usually using the business to customer relations and transaction, not just for the business to business relation. This is because more people will be more prefer to use it, also combination of low cost, highreliability, accuracy and speed.

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