Hospital Emergency Plans Essay

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operator and when levels fall outside these predetermined ranges it is a signal that there exists an area to be addressed and corrected.
Emergency Plans for a Hospital When systems go out, it is critical that they can be reinstated so that patients as well as staff are not placed in harms way. Such precautions must be in place prior to an adverse event or the negative impact will be much greater.
Electrical Systems Hospitals must have back-up generators in case of a power failure. Never the less the presence of a back up system is of no value unless staff have been trained to identify which outlets will be functional and should be used for life saving equipment such as respirators. The backup system must also be constantly equipped to provide power for a pre-determined period of time.
Acts of Terrorism The role hospital security must be clearly defined during any act of terrorism. In such an event, a procedure must be in place so staff are aware of what actions they should take to insure their own safety as well as that of patients. In addition, the procedure for informing the hospital systems staff must be in place so that they can respond accordingly. This is most commonly done through a “Code” system which is announced over the loudspeaker system.
Hospital Contingency Plans
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The risk management plan must detail the flow of activities when a contingency plan is in effect. Not only the facility manager but all supervisor in each area of the hospital must understand without question their role in the contingency plan and for this to occur training is a must. For example, should there be a power outage each unit of the hospital must be aware of where their medications requiring refrigeration must be sent to in order to insure their safe keeping. Contingency plans must state how the facility will be used when an adverse event occurs so that goals of the organization are not

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