Hosp 310 Final Exam Solutions Essay

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HOSP 310 Final Exam Solutions

Question1. TCO 6. How are other types of businesses in the community now competing with restaurants?
Question2. TCO 6. Discuss the phenomena of celebrity-theme restaurants. Why do some fail and some succeed?
Question 3. TCO 6. Why is the purchasing, receiving, storing, and issuing cycle so critical to the financial stability of a food service facility?
Question 4. TCO 6. Why do some culinarians take offense at being labeled a “food service professional”? Use your knowledge of the history of culinary arts to justify your answer.
Question 5. TCO 6. Managed services are thought of as being one of the most
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Question 14. TCO 7. Outline the scope of college and university food services. What are the advantages of managing a college dining hall versus a commercial restaurant?
Question 15. TCO 1. You are a service manager for a national airline preparing to leave on a transcontinental flight from New York City to San Francisco. List the moments of truth your customers will encounter from the time they arrive at the terminal to the time they land in LA.
Question 1. TCO 4. Design a one day activity list for children at an all-inclusive spa retreat. The idea is to provide activities between traditional meal periods so that the childrens parents can also purchase other spa activities and be child-free for periods during the day. Keep in mind all of the basic safety and supervision guidelines accorded to under aged guests in a spa-hotel setting.
Question 2. TCO 3. Design a two day, all inclusive Spa-Wellness Packages for a couple, Include the hotel room ambience, spa facilities, and services contained in a complete package. The theme is Valentine’s Day!
Question 3. TCO 10. Studies have shown a direct correlation between recreation and leisure to wellness. Do you agree with this assertion? Justify your answer.
Question 1. TCO 1. Given today’s economy, is vertical integration a smart financial move? Justify your answer.
Question 2. TCO 4. Make an argument that the night auditor and the

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