Hope And Suspense In Dragonwings

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Dragonwings is an action filled novel, filled with mystery and suspense. Getting to know the characters is one of the best parts of the book. Laurence Yep created this novel hoping that young adults, and adults themselves would love this book because it is packed with hope and desire. The Land of the Demons. A young boy named Moon Shadow was apart of the Tang culture he lived in the Middle Kingdom, China. Moon Shadow was filled with wonder and action. He loved it when his grandmother would tell him stories about the Golden Mountain. Looking across the sea and seeing the mountains in a far distance. Hearing the stories of how his father was so brave that he went to the Golden Mountain. Which is the same as going to the army. They are there …show more content…
A problem has occurred Black Dog stole some money. Windrider is trying to figure out how to make and give back all of the money. The Company has posted a vote to share half the money with Uncle Bright Star. Black Dog’s sourness and drug use returns. Moon Shadow’s job is to collect overdue bills in the Tang area, village. The Demoness. Moon Shadow describes the poorer demons. As the wagon pulls up to the Victorian House as Hand Clap then approaches the door and enters. Moon Shadow becomes frightened. Red rabbit recedes in a distance. In the story Polk Street is for the poorer demons. Education. In the morning Moon Shadow would get up make the rice and help Windrider. Windrider had handyman chores that Moon Shadow would help with. They were located in Mr. Alger’s buildings. Which were located in the safe areas. Moon Shadow and Windrider were talking and Windrider said that Moon Shadow better do his shopping now. Earth, Wind, and Water. Miss Whitlaw, Moon Shadow, and Robin go on a beautiful picnic and they fly kites, something that Moon Shadow used to do with his dad. Moon Shadow and Windrider wasted all of there money that was stored in an old tin can. Moon Shadow was bullied, until the bully decided that he was actually an okay

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