Summary Of The Devil In The White City

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Erick Larson’s The Devil in the White City traces the period of chaos that took place in building the World’s Fair and the moment of pride that followed. Published in 2003 in New York, this book also displays the evil that worked behind all of the effort to expose America’s architecture to the world. In his book, Larson demonstrates America’s strive and desire to successfully host the 1893 World’s Fair. Larson tries to illustrate America’s stamina and endurance despite all of the troubles that accompanied the construction of the fair. This book exhibits America’s determination to surmount all of the dilemmas that occurred. Despite the weather conditions and the unfinished look of the fair, Burnham and his peers were able to get the job done and make the fair …show more content…
The plot of Dr. H. H. Holmes is what kept the whole story moving as well as what kept it far from boring. The use of foreshadowing in the plot of Holmes motivates the reader to keep reading. Erik Larson’s intention was to try and expand upon the importance of Columbus to America. Trying to commemorate the discoveries of Columbus, the World’s Columbian Exposition was constructed. Another goal of this project was to try and surpass the World’s Fair that was held in Paris. The Devil in the White City uses a unique organization style in that it begins where it ends. Aboard the RMS Olympic, Daniel Burnham is battling his health and he decides to send a wire message to his friend Francis Millet. Then, he gets notified that Millet’s ship, the Titanic, has been in an accident. This was then continued at the end of the book when Burnham finds out that Millet did not survive the accident. Near the beginning of the book, Chicago gets the honor to host the World’s Fair. Happy to make Chicago the center of the world, Burnham and Root try and start the construction of the fair. They consult the help of architects from the Northeast to try and surpass the World’s Fair held in Paris. As the

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