Honors Dialogue: A Reflection Of The Ladder Of Dialogue

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Over the course of this semester in Honors Dialogue, I have strengthened my critical thinking skills, challenged my underlying assumptions and beliefs, and learned how to develop shared meaning through respectful inquiry in a group setting. When I initially signed up for this class, I did not understand the type of communication that is dialogue. I knew the premise of the class was that each week a classmate would come to class with a specific topic that we would be expected to think about, create our own statement or position on, and then use the class time to debate. I have learned, however, that dialogue is so much more! As Socrates used this type of conversation to search for the truth, we followed suit and used dialogue to understand the truth behind each classmate’s position on a topic. That being said, we used dialogue, as well as the Ladder of Inference, to understand why people come to the conclusions they do rather than try to collectively come to a conclusion as a group through debate. The Ladder of Inference …show more content…
On the first day of class this semester, we chose our short dialogue topic to be: “is it better to be moderate temperature than hot or cold.” I quickly jotted down my thoughts to this topic about how having a moderate temper better allows relationships to form, based on the assumption that we were using temperature as a metaphor. After hearing some classmates’ initial responses to the topic, however, I realized that I was the person on the wrong page. This made me realize how quickly I am to jump to conclusions and assume everyone is on the same wavelength as myself. Therefore, I was sure to ask a lot of clarifying questions throughout the semester to make sure that I understood exactly what was being asked and to make sure the class had a shared meaning of the topic at

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