Hong Kong and Shenzhen’s Coopetition in Logistics Industry Essay

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| Hong Kong and Shenzhen’s Coopetition in Logistics Industry | Assignment 2 – LGT5013 Transport Logistics in China | | | CHAN PUI YUK, SIMON 10670562GFUNG MEI SHAN, JO 10670090GLEUNG TING CHEUNG, VINCE 10609081GLO WING LING, WINNIE 10634888GYIP KIM HUNG, CURTIS 09608879GYUEN MAY YEE, ELSA 10670039G |

Executive Summary

Hong Kong Port, being the world busiest port for 12 years from 1992 to 2004, is globally well known and this container port industry became one of its vital economic pillars. Such a prosperous development began in 1970s with the boom of manufacturing business activities. The effect on the end of ‘close-door policy’ of China was reflected in early 1990s due to the launching and the rapid development of ports
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With advantages of natural deep harbor and the favorable ‘open-door policy’, Shenzhen port grows rapidly and becoming a strong competitor to Hong Kong; whereas the future development of Hong Kong port have been constrained by its limited space and high operations costs. The challenge from Shenzhen is therefore very serious and substantial to Hong Kong. Following in this paper, a detailed comparisons, divided into hardware areas and software areas, of these ports will be presented to provide a clear picture on the current situations. Then, a SWOT analysis of Hong Kong port will be performed to present in details so as to define the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats. Correspondingly, specific solutions and suggestions will be presented for the ports under keen competition and challenging condition so that a sustainable future and ultimately a win-win situation with the neighboring ports.

Chapter 2: Analysis

2.1 Hardware 1. Geographic location & land capacity
Hong Kong and Shenzhen locate at the mouth of Pearl River Delta in the south-eastern tip of China, separated by a Shenzhen river. They are the Special Administrative Region and the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) of the People’s Republic of China, respectively. Both of them are coastal cities, while the total area size of Hong Kong (1,104km2) is less than 55% of Shenzhen (2,050 km2). Hong Kong covers Hong Kong Island, Lantau Island, the Kowloon Peninsula and the New Territories,

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