Honesty, Respect And Morals Essays

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Honesty, respect and morals are three important words that come to mind when thinking of integrity. Integrity is defined by Webster as a “firm adherence to a code of especially moral or incorruptibility, and the quality or state of being complete or undivided”. Throughout life, I have been exposed to situations that have required me to have integrity while also testing it. In this essay, I will reflect on what I believe integrity is, how it plays a part in my personal and professional life, and ways that I can continue to build integrity personally and within my professional career.
Integrity can be broken down into many different ideologies. Being true to yourself and living up to your moral standards on a daily basis is considered one of mine. In order for me to write this essay I had to first think about where my morals and standards originated from. As a child, my parents played a large role in developing my character by inspiring me to be honest, fair and respectful. My parents always told me to respect my elders and authorities. They also implanted the idea or way of living in me by telling me that I should treat people in the manner in which I would like to be treated in return. Rules were laid in place by punishing me for misbehaving in school, at home and for lying as well. Basically, when looking back my morals and values were developed by the rules that my parents set. My morals and values were also developed by experiencing the consequences for breaking…

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