How To Write A Homeschooling Essay

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Linsey Reardon
Research Paper

Homeschooling is a progressive movement around the nation in which parents choose to educate their children at home instead of sending them to a traditional private or public school. It is heavily disputed whether or not homeschooling provides children with the necessary education needed to progress as an individual in modern day society. I believe that children need a real authentic school environment in order to thrive. Children aren’t only learning core subjects in school, but they’re also learning social constructs. In school children are exposed to a plethora of social scenarios; therefore, learning how to interact appropriately with others. Children who are homeschooled are not given the same opportunities to grow as an individual because they are cooped up in their own homes. Learning how to handle yourself in social situations is an important part of a child’s education, and homeschooled children
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Children who are homeschooled are exposed to significantly less social interactions, which will affect them later in life. A traditional school environment allows children to develop their own relationships and helps them discover how to make connections (Calvert). Also, the opportunities that are provided in school such as clubs or sports allow children to find their interests and discover what makes them happy. Parents already have an important role in a child’s life, they shouldn’t take on the role of teacher as well. While it is encouraged for parents to teach some things to their child, like reading and speaking, teaching school curriculums isn’t beneficial. In the long run homeschool children will have a harder time with social interactions because they weren’t exposed to many social events as children(PBS). By homeschooling your child you are denying them the chance to blossom as their own

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