Essay on Homeschooling Persuasive Speech

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NAME: Peter Enlund

SPEECH #: 4 SPEECH TITLE: Homeschooling

To persuade the audience to realize traditional homeschooling is harmful

To persuade the audience to realize the harmful effects of traditional homeschooling
To persuade the audience that public/private school is better
To persuade the audience not to make the choice of homeschooling children

CENTRAL IDEA: Traditional homeschooling is not the best route to educate a student.


“Disadvantages of Homeschooling”. Homeschool Companion. July 20 2014.

Postlewaite, Charlotte C. "The Home School Debate. (Cover Story)." State Government News 47.2 (2004): 18-20. Academic Search Complete. Web.
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They do not get to work with other diversities and may have trouble establishing an understanding of people around them. While there are homeschooling meetings and social groups, they only occur on a weekly basis. d. Public schooling has many different ethnicities and diverse groups of students in one place. This allows the students to work with and understand one another in a meaningful way. This will build the framework for the development of a person’s successful social skills throughout life (MERRY, MICHAEL S.). 2. a. In homeschooling, there is no group work. The student works alone or with a parent. The student will never gain the skills to work as part of a team and will only know how to function independently. b. In college, as well as most workplaces, it is important to be able to work in a team. Without team skills, the student will have a hard time getting along with others and knowing how to participate. c. Public schooling allows the student to work in teams and build the skills to understand group dynamics. The skills will be valuable in college and the workplace. 3. a. In addition, most homeschooling students have a hard time building proper friendships and may feel like it comes easier for others. This could cause social anxiety that may hinder the

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