Homelessness Paper

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Homelessness is defined as “An Individual who lacks a fixed regular and adequate nighttime residence”, (Burt, 1989, p.17). Have you ever stopped to wonder how many people are Homeless? Who are most at risk to fall into this situation? I highly doubt it. While most people really do not care and ignore homeless people, others look at them as motivation, people whom they do not want to become. Another question that comes to mind is, how do homeless people survive and what are their legal rights. What causes people to become Homeless is it a choice or a failure of society? Do homeless individual have the same perspective on life and show the same emotions as ordinary people do. What can we do to help stop homelessness? These are the topics …show more content…
Some shelters however have restrictions were they do not allow single adult women, women and children and single adult men. This is primarily due to communal sleeping and bath accommodations and inadequate staff to monitor a two sex situation. Another program that I looked into was Halfway Houses, where residents are supervised by psychiatrists and other medical and support services. Residents typically work outside of the home during the day and share meals and other household chores. These programs however are for those homeless people whom have mental-illnesses that can not survive out in the normal world without some type of medication. Panhandling is very common in the streets; this would be the act of begging for money out on the corners of streets. Homeless people unlike us have to look for these resources for survival, if they did not exist they would either die of hunger or people would mostly likely kill them. You would think the homeless people do not have rights but in actuality they do. An example of this entails food stamp programs, unlike ordinary people when applying for this, homeless people do not need permanent addresses. They are entitled to purchase their own food when living in shelters that do not supply them with cooking. What causes people to become homeless? There are many

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