Homelessness And The Affects It Has On Humans Essay

1069 Words Dec 9th, 2016 5 Pages
Going into this project I wanted to research the things adding up to homelessness and the affects it has on humans. Mostly I wanted to argue against the viewpoint that some people have that homeless people are just lazy. My research ended up taking a turn when I actually tried executing it. I am pleased with this project overall and the things I found and learned through the process. My main source of information was the internet. I went online and searched for statistics of homeless people and how they got there. I also found stories of them and how they got to that point. Some of them were about how they got out of that part of their lives and it was very inspiring to learn. Some of the stories I read though were about people still living on the streets and how they still cannot seem to escape this kind of poverty level and misery, life has really just been awful to them. My project took a turn when it came time to interviewing people. Instead of going out in the cold and asking a random homeless person about their experiences and life story I talked to students in my residence hall. Although it was not the exact results I was hoping for it was still really inspiring and a good way to tackle the project. I began asking the girls I knew but most of them had had a good background and had not financially struggled, which was totally okay but they seemed to feel bad. They seemed to think that being poor for a period of time was a right of passage, like everyone needs to…

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