Homelessness : A Growing Problem Essay

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Homelessness, A Growing Problem Homelessness can be a forced or chosen way of life leading to depression and sadness across millions of Americans, yet can be easily prevented. Homelessness is a nationwide problem on a colossal scale. With homeless throughout almost every major city in the United States, it is getting out of hand and needs to be addressed (“Homelessness in America). Many of us take our everyday necessities for granted, the homeless on the other hand view the world in a whole different perspective. To them obtaining basic items such as food, water, and shelter can be very arduous. The number one cause of Homelessness is both physical and mental conditions(“Causes of Homelessness). These conditions prevent them from joining the workforce and eventually cause them to resort to homelessness. Physical immobilities can range from injuries sustained while serving in the armed forces to birth defects. These can disable them from obtaining suitable jobs forcing them into homelessness. Mental conditions such as PTSD and many forms of mental retardation cause people to not function well in society which ultimately can lead to homelessness if you have no friends or family(“Causes of Homelessness). Since the Closing of Psychiatric Institutions (Insane Asylums) in the late 60’s the mentally ill have nowhere to go (Panero). These government institutions took care of the mentally ill. They fed them, gave them shelter, and most importantly, it was free (Panero). This…

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