Homeland Security And The Security Of The United States Essay

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In accordance with the official threat that was made to a metropolitan city that was inform of a potential terrorist attack by a unknown source saying that a terrorist cell has been confirmed and the threat is one to pursue before it becomes an unfolding story. Homeland Security takes action on this type of situation which specializes in and “Formed in 2002 from the combination of 22 departments and agencies, the Department of Homeland Security works to improve the security of the United States. The Department 's work includes customs, border, and immigration enforcement; emergency response to natural and manmade disasters; antiterrorism work; and cybersecurity.” (USA.gov. 2015.) By me being part of the Homeland Security Task Force Unit the priority is to avoid any attacks that can be prevented whether if is foreign or domestic concerning the safety of the American people. Now once a terrorist threat has been presented and there is danger involved than I would see to it that it doesn’t go beyond what was proclaimed as a threat and as something that hasn’t occurred pertaining to the threat that has been brought up. The main concern is to prevent and see if the source is a legitimate and how serious it may seem so that it doesn’t get out of hand that can put thousands of American people in risk of their own lives.
Investigating a terrorist attack is an important duty to fulfil and attacks can come in many methods, for instance, biological threats, national border…

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