Essay on Home Depot, By Steven Greenhouse

780 Words Oct 25th, 2016 4 Pages
In the New York Times article "Front Line in Day Laborer Battle Runs Right Outside Home Depot", Steven Greenhouse discusses problems facing Home Depot and day laborers. Home Depot is a large home improvement retailer that offers goods to contractors and homeowners with in-store assistance from trained and licensed staff. The current problem plaguing Home Depot involves its stakeholders which are contractors, customers, communities, day laborers, and the company 's corporate social responsibility. Home Depot is under scrutiny because communities and local governments are depending on the company to assist with social disparities involving labor for immigrants. In Austin Texas and many other cities across the nation, day laborers gather outside Home Depot stores in search of work.
Day laborers are used by contractors and customers as helping hands, and the majority of them are illegal immigrants which are causing the company social issues with many of its stakeholders. Home Depot has found themselves in a position where they have to follow legal requirements and consider the social good of society for its customers and their communities. Customers and contractors come to Home Depot because it is the number one home-improvement retailer in the nation. The most important stakeholders, in this case, are the customers and contractors because their wants and needs have to be met in order for Home Depot to operate successfully. Having said that, Home Depot also has a large…

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