Essay on Home Delivered Meals Information System

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90-728 Management Information Systems

Fall Semester 1999

Class Project: Home Delivered Meals Information System (HDMIS)

Project Overview

Allegheny County, like other American metropolitan areas, is facing the prospect of a “graying” population: the “baby boom” generation born in the middle 1940s – early 1960s is approaching retirement age and, while their parents’ generation is already retired, and the younger “baby bust” and “Generation X” cohorts are having fewer children than their immediate ancestors. In addition, Allegheny county, like most other metropolitan areas, is facing the “hollowing out” syndrome in which population has left the center city (in this case the city of Pittsburgh) for suburban areas
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As a result, funding agencies have approached local researchers to explore methods to rationalize day-to-day service delivery (e.g. routing and scheduling algorithms) as well as ways to rationalize strategic planning tasks (e.g. determining unserved demand and identifying potential kitchen locations, see e.g. Figure 2). In conjunction with these planning tasks, which use methodologies of operations research/management science, demography and geographical information systems, agencies are also interested in using information technology to update the way data related to meals-on-wheels is entered, maintained and reported. That is the focus of this project.

The notion motivating this project is an important trend in organizational computing called “application services delivery,” in which a company provides software services for many clients via a Web interface rather than "shrink-wrapped" software. This has the potential to save clients significant amounts of money in initial software purchases, subsequent upgrades and network services, since the responsibility will be on the software provider to keep services up to date. Also, since the software functionality is provided via a Web interface, clients will not have

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