Holocaust And Anti Jewish Pogroms Essay

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Pogroms. Pogroms hurt people. Pogroms are the targeting a person solely based on their religion. Many groups have fallen victim to pogroms in the past. One of the major mass exterminations of pogroms happened in Europe in 1933. This tragic event resulted in the death of 12 million people will never be forgotten. Many people do not believe pogroms exist, but the Holocaust and anti-Jewish pogroms in Russia in 1821 refute that. There is much controversy surrounding the topic of pogroms. There is controversy because targeting anyone will arouse controversy; many people have many different views on pogroms, which consequently causes controversy. Pogroms are a process of a race or a certain group of people being targeted and persecuted.
Next, Pogroms can cause much confusion, because many people don’t know what a pogroms is. Jews are most commonly associated with pogroms, because they have been targeted in mass numbers on many occasions. The purpose of a pogrom was to abolish on specific race or people who worship a different religion. It was commonly associated with the persecution of Jews. Some could argue the real purpose of a pogrom is to just execute Jews. Jews were seen as pogroms many multiple times including Russia in 1821 and Europe in 1933. Hitler had many techniques including gas chambers. Pogroms have left a deep imprint on our society. Some effects are they have decreased the quantity of jews we have today in society, Pogroms have left many children orphaned and…

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