Holiday Rep Roles Essay

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So You Want To Be A Holiday Rep?
Task 1 (P1)
1.) An 18-30’s rep

Roles: The main role of an 18-30’s rep is to look after guests on holiday, to maximise resort profitability and to create a safe environment for customers. Looking after guests means doing all the duties required of a rep and others that are specific to the type of customers dealt with. Maximising resort profits is done by advertising and selling extras such as additional trips, ancillary services and other items the guests may want to purchase. Most frequently sold are travel hire, additional insurance and things the customers may have forgotten to pack such as brushes, toiletries and suncream.
Meet and Greet: Picking the guests up from the airport
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Lastly a rep will try to sell extra excursions to make more money, but this isn’t to say that what is sold isn’t the better deal for the customer also. Noticeboards: The noticeboards will have the itinerary on it which usually on an 18-30’s holiday will include times to be up and the parties and bars to visit, along with excursions such as days to the beach or other places. Time and dates are given and also whether they are included in the main package or an additional purchase.
Information Booklets: The booklets are made by the Rep and contain detailed descriptions of the places to be visited and events happening during the week/ month/ season. This will include which trips and events are free or come with certain holiday packages and which are additional purchases. Also some local events and places of interest would usually be included.
Health and Safety Checks: The places where the customers will go such as the hotel, day visits and local area will need to be checked out by the rep beforehand for any health and safety issues and minimise the risk and have the guests informed of how to keep safe. First Aid should always be kept with the Rep and on each premise if possible. Part of a Representative’s training is how to do First Aid.
Property Visits: Each day a Travel Rep has several properties worth of customers to look after and these requires the Rep to go personally to each hotel and each house to check on how the guests are doing, answer

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