Essay on Hitler 's His Own Defeat

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Did Hitler Issue his own Defeat?
Hitler issued his own defeat by using all of his air-force in the Battle of Britain, Hitler used a lot of resources for the Holocaust and concentration camps, and Hitler started a two-front war for Germany again when he broke the German-Soviet Nonaggression Pact. The Battle of Britain took place from the 12th of August 1940, to the 15th of September 1940. (Lawrence, "9 Important Dates In The Battle Of Britain") Hitler wanted to invade Britain, but need to destroy the RAF. If Britain fell to Germany, could take over Russia.
The plan of the battle was a very good idea, but didn’t go as well planned. (Hitler’s Air force). It consisted of large air-raids to bomb the air factories that were made to fabricate and repair planes, and airfields that were set up with large amounts of offensive planes. Most planes were sent from the South-East region of Britain to head straight to London, where all of the Allied air targets were. Another half where sent from the Southern part of Britain to attack the naval yards, and a small squadron were sent to the North part of Britain to flank any fleeing Allied squadrons.
Goring’s plan was to draw out the RAF’s fighter strength and destroy it by attacking targets such as coastal convoys, airfields, and radar stations, as well as reducing Britain’s capability to replace aircraft by bombing factories.1
In the Battle of Britain, the Luftwaffe consisted of BF-109’s, Ju-88’s, and Stuka’s. BF-109’s were…

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