Hitler 's Final Solution For Purge The Jewish People From Germany

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Boommm, auuuuu, crashhhh, the night came with the dark cloud and covered the German sky. The free and powerful eagle represents the German Nazis. Life started getting harder and harder, because German Nazis kept the Jews in many different camps. The Nazis pushed them into the camp, they forced them to work without pay and they persecuted them unto death. The Jewish in the the death camp were facing a lack food, shelter, sanitation and had to work hard (Berenbaum 1). Hitler made a plan called the Final Solution to purge the Jewish people from Germany (Final 1). Did Hitler accomplish his Final Solution? Yes and no, because he did kill a lot of people but he didn’t purge all the people he wanted. Hitler was a smart person because He knew how to make his plan happened and to be able do it without anybody knowing it. It is important for us to understand that we are different from each other, because no one knows what are other people thinking. If we knew Hitler’s plan ahead of the time, we could have snuffed it out before it turned to be a big fire that burned everywhere. Hitler’s Final Solution let us know what the real Final Solution was and to which groups of people it would affect.
In 1929, the worldwide economic depression gave Hitler the chance to move forward. He declared that Jewish people were the trash of Germany and pulled the German people back (Nazi Germany 1). Hitler pointed his arrow at the Jews and made them to be the scapegoats. “1930s, Adolf Hitler’s Nazi…

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