The Final Solution: The Mass Killing Of The Holocaust

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Chapter 1: What is the historical event about?
The Final Solution: The mass killing of The Holocaust
1.1 Concept of Superiority and Anti-Semitism After the World War I, Adolf Hitler who was the leader of a political organization called Nazis, became the dictator of Germany in January 1933. During his rise to power, he successfully convinced the people to believe that Germans with fair skin tone, blond hair and blue eyes were the superior form of human which was also known as the master race of the Germans. Besides, they were also convinced that the Jews were the inferior form of human which they would be labelled under the German racial community. The population of the Jews in Germany was about 55 million people. They were mostly cosmopolitan
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This marks the day when Hitler had begun his mass killing of Jews in Europe. During the World War II, the Nazis were determined to exterminate the entire Jewish population in Europe and to destroy its rich and diverse cultures. This mass killing event had brutally murdered 6 million Jews and approximately 5 million of other minority groups in Europe between 1933 and 1945. This event is called the Holocaust Genocide which was started in 1941 when the Nazis gained power over Germany. During the Holocaust, many victims were brutally killed by the Nazis; this included the Jews, the disables, those with genetic diseases, the Roma or Gypsies, the Poles, the Prisoner Of War (POW), the Slavic people, Jehovah’s …show more content…
But they only had mobile van units at first. The stationery gas chambers were only created in the year 1942. The chambers were used in several camps in Poland located at Treblinka, Sobibor and Belzec. The Nazis tricked the victims to enter the gas chambers by telling them that they were needed to be ‘disinfected’ in the shower rooms. Those who didn’t obey their command were being yelled at or beaten. They were all undressed and were told to raise up their hands so that more people can enter the gas chambers. This had made the Nazis’ job easier as more people were killed at one go because they suffocated and died due to the lack of oxygen and poisonous gas that was

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