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Skills Paper :
“The importance of using Video/Photo Reference in 3D Animation”
By: Jeremy Smith

Using Video/Photo reference in 3D Animation is the most accurate way to produce high quality Animations. Getting up and actually physically acting out and recording a few scenes or taking pictures of yourself blocking out poses is very beneficial when animating. Being able to convey what you see in a video or in a photograph into a pose or a full-fledged animation is a great skill to have when animating. “Free handing” animations or animating without reference is not just tricky and hard to do, but is a poor way to animate. Not using reference when animating can lead to many problems and difficulties when making animations.

Personally I
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If your timing is off the whole animation will fall apart . Doing a ten second animation at 24 FPS (Frames Per Second) leaves you with an animation that is 240 frames long. What you will want to do is have a “Key Frame” set for each and every significant pose that the character is doing throughout the animation. If the character jumps in the air at second 10 of the video then you will have a “Key Frame” set at frame 240 of your character in the air jumping to keep continuity with your video reference.

A Key Frame is a place holder for the polygonal geometry that makes up the character in your 3D world. The key to animating is posing your character then setting the key frames of the characters geometry, doing so allows the program you are using to store that pose at that specific frame. After setting one fey frame you can pose the character again a few frames or seconds later with a different significant pose of the animation. Setting keys is the basis and basics of 3D animation.

There are many tools used while creating animation, to name just a few you will need a keyboard, a mouse, a 3D program (Such as Autodesk Maya, or 3DS MAX), and to be creative. There is not a single job out there that is done professionally where you do not need a specific set of tools to get said job done.

“Free Handing” animations and not using reference when creating them can lead you to many problems as an animator. Using the walk

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