Essay on History Of United Parcel Service Airlines

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History of United Parcel Service Airlines
United Parcel Service (UPS) was founded in 1907 in Seattle, Washington, when 19-year-old James E. (“Jim”) Casey borrowed $100 from a friend, and established, with partner Claude Ryan, the American Messenger Company, whose services included running errands and delivering packages, notes, baggage and even food from restaurants. In 1913, American merged with a rival messenger service, the Motorcycle Delivery Company, creating Merchants Parcel Delivery, and switched its focus from a messenger service to package delivery for retail stores. In 1915, at the behest of Charlie Soderstrom, Merchant’s began painting their vehicles brown because the color hid dirt well. In 1919, the company expanded outside of Seattle with the purchase of Oakland, California based Motor Parcel Delivery, and the new name United Parcel Service was adopted. In 2003, the acronym “UPS” was adopted as the company’s formal name (Burris, 2004; Department of the Treasury (TRE), 2003; “United Parcel Service, Inc. - Company Profile,” n.d.; United Parcel Service United States, n.d.-a).
United Parcel Service Begins Air Service
In 1929, UPS became the first package delivery company to provide air delivery service when it began operating United Air Express, a new division which offered “…express package delivery…to major West Coast cities, and as far inland as El Paso, Texas” (TRE, 2003, p. 7), by placing packages onto privately owned passenger planes. Unfortunately, a…

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